Warranty Policy

Kim Tin Group ensures to supply the domestic and foreign markets with flooring products of international quality and offers a warranty policy to ensure the interests of consumers.

72h water spill on surface

5 years

48h submerged

5 years


25 years

Warping, shrinkage

25 years

User manual

Do not use outdoor flooring installation.


Do not use sharp objects to the floor.


Do not drag heavy objects on the wooden floor, need to lift and carry heavy objects to avoid scratching the floor.  


Limit to expose wooden floors to direct sunlight or areas with high temperature or humidity: bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, ...


Do not place hot items directly on wooden floors such as ovens, irons, etc.


Limit the wood floor to direct contact with water. When the wooden floor is spilled or flooded with water, it should be wiped dry immediately to avoid affecting the floor.


It is possible to use special cleaners for wooden floors.


Shouldvacuum and use carpet in front of the door to the room to avoid soil, sand and sharp objects impact on the floor.

User manual
5 reasons to choose Timbee wood flooring

5 reasons to choose Timbee wood flooring

Exclusive wood grain design

Selected from the best grain

Safe for consumers

Protect users' health with US export standards Carb P2/ EPA

Super durable HDF core layer

60% more stable than ordinary boards. Produced from the world's top 10 modern HDF board core factory

High grade AC4/AC5 wear resistant grade

Anti-scratch, anti-fading

Copyright lock

Tight lock from Belgian inventor I4F – top 3 inventors of best lock in the world