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About Timbee

Kim Tin Flooring Company was born from the enthusiasm of Kim Tin Group with an existing FSC factory specializing in the production of MDF and HDF boards. This is also a step to complete the closed chain From Wood to Floor, bringing timbee flooring products closer to consumers. As a large corporation with more than 20 years of experience, Kim Tin operates with the guideline "Our promise, our commitment is GOLD”.

Therefore, all flooring products of Kim Tin are of the same quality as committed.

About Timbee

Kim Tin invests methodically from HDF core products manufactured by FSC factory (a member of Kim Tin Group - Top 10 most modern MDF board factories in the world). With an automated production process of up to 90%, the product achieves the best quality and minimizes harm to the environment.

Entering the fierce flooring market with more than 100 participating brands, plus mixed real and fake information, Kim Tin has chosen a path: "right quality" to bring value to customers.


The group implements a closed process - exploiting in parallel with planting and developing forest resources. Enterprises focus on creating high-yield seedlings, linking with forestry enterprises, and people to plant, care for and exploit to create a sustainable production life cycle.

Quy trình làm việc
  • 01. Chopping wood

    Firewood materials (rubber, acacia, cashew, fruit trees) are peeled, chopped into chips, put into storage and screened to remove impurities.

  • 02. Milling

    After screening, removing impurities will be washed, steamed and glued.

  • 03. Pressing

    This stage goes through the following steps: Spreading -> pre-pressing -> hot pressing -> sheet sawing -> cooling -> stacking storage.

  • 04. Raw material warehouse

    Raw material inventory includes HDF board and various types of paper.

    • HDF boards produced at FSC Vietnam factory, after packing, will be stored at the Deck factory. The company uses HDF boards with 02 main thickness specifications of 8mm and 12mm, with a density of 860 kg/m3.

    • Paper stock includes Balance paper, Decor paper, Overlay paper

  • 05. Laminated paper pattern

    The order of spreading the layers is as follows: Balance paper layer -> HDF board -> Paper layer decor -> Overlay paper layer. Conduct plywood again under high temperature and pressure to ensure that the layers are tightly bonded together to form a solid whole.

    The product after pressing will be stored for 24 hours for the board to cool and return to its original form, minimizing the change and deformation of the length, width, and thickness in the following stages.

  • 06. Automatic cutting

    The automatic multi-blade cutting machine system creates many specifications of finished boards according to customer requirements.

  • 07. Milling – Painting – waxing

    Create a connection between the planks with a yin and yang lock. The lock after milling is painted beveled with the corresponding color to create aesthetics for the surface of the board, the edge of the locking hem is covered with Paraffin to enhance the water resistance of the hem.

  • 08. Package

    Finished boards are boxed, wrapped with shrink film and sent to bale package.

  • 09. Strorage

    Finished products are diverse, bearing many brands' names, packed firmly, cleanly, in sufficient quantity - quality assurance, exclusive labels clearly stating product information, origin....

  • 10. Delivery

    The cargo control system is controlled by a camera with time recording, a scientific packing scheme, a combination of desiccant bags, air bags, and straps to ensure the safety of the shipment to the customer's hands without scratches, deviation; correct and sufficient quantity….

  • Vision

    Become the leading flooring material supplier in Vietnam in 2025

  • Mission

    Providing excellent flooring solutions and ensuring health and safety for 100 million Vietnamese people

  • Target
    Account for 35% market share of industrial flooring by 2025

Core values

Development strategy

Development strategy

  • Expand the product portfolio of flooring materials industry.


  • Develop and continuously innovate products to meet consumer needs.


  • Provide a synchronous solution of related accessories and materials to increase convenience for customers.

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