Today, in Vietnam, industrial flooring has been widely used in hotels, villas, showrooms, and houses. Flooring has gradually replaced other flooring materials and has become an inevitable trend of the times.

Grasping that trend, Kim Tin has launched a collection (BST) of industrial flooring that fully meets the needs of users as well as is safe for the environment. Let's find out immediately 5 reasons why Kim Tin flooring is trusted and used by many customers.

1. Safe for health and eco-friendly

In the wood processing industry, Formaldehyde (preservative) is an indispensable chemical. However, if it is not strictly controlled below the allowable level, the excess Formaldehyde released from wooden furniture (Tables and chairs, Beds, Cabinets, floors ...) resonates with each other to create a stream of toxic gases in the living space affects human health.

With Kim Tin's products, users do not have to worry about this problem. Kim Tin flooring with HDF board is made entirely from 100% natural wood fibers that meet international standards such as Jis, EPA, CARB–P2, E2. In addition, the process of logging for flooring production is controlled in accordance with the general provisions of the environmental protection law. Therefore, the flooring produced by Kim Tin is safe for users' health and environmentally friendly.

2. Various colors and specifications

Kim Tin is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Atroguard flooring in Vietnam. This is a high-end product line with nearly 100 3D patterns with a depth of 3 - 8 mm, you can feel the depth and graininess like natural wood when directly touching the board surface. In particular, Atroguard is packaged in many specifications in one box, creating a variety of installation designs.
In addition, Kim Tin also offers customers another option in the mid-range product line, which is the Timber and GreenWood flooring collection. With 8 colors in natural wood grain patterns which is suitable for Vietnamese families’ interests brings exciting experiences in your own home where every moment becomes precious.

In addition, Kim Tin owns a closed production process from input materials to finished flooring products. Therefore, Kim Tin can produce flooring with many different colors, patterns and specifications according to customer orders. This makes Kim Tin flooring brand different.

3. Suitable for all projects

With a high density of wood fibers, the AC4/ AC5 anti-scratch layer helps Kim Tin flooring's surface have outstanding ability to minimize scratches. In addition, the copyrighted tight lock is covered with 2 layers of specialized wax, ensuring outstanding waterproofing and water resistance. The highlight of Kim Tin flooring is its extremely stable structure, the ability to continuously lay boards up to 400m2 without wool, braces, or separators. Therefore, Kim Tin flooring is suitable for installation from residential buildings to public works such as commercial centers, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, schools.

4. Easy to clean and install

Kim Tin flooring has 72h surface water resistance, 48h flood resistance, so it can be cleaned comfortably. For stains such as coffee, lipstick, dirt, crayons that stick on the floor within 16 hours. In addition, Kim Tin flooring is very easy to install and remove. Even homeowners can install it themselves simply without adhesives. Just lining the floor with some kind of cushioning material underneath, then assembling the floor boards linked by means of the lock, they can complete the entire floor in just a few days.

5. Right Quality

Kim Tin Group ensures to supply domestic and foreign markets with quality flooring products as announced by offering a good warranty policy:

  • Warranty 72h water spill on surface and 48h submerged within 5 years.
  • Warranty for 25 years for warping, shrinkage.
  • Scratch warranty for 25 years in residential areas, 5 years in public areas such as commercial centers, exhibition centers, theaters, cinemas. 


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